3D Architectures for Semiconductor Intergration and Packaging December 9 through 11, 2015, Burlingame, California

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Mark your calendars now to attend the 12th Annual 3D ASIP Conference, December 9-11, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel in Burlingame, California.

3D ASIP 2014 Conference Highlights

The 11th Annual 3D ASIP Conference program covered all the bases from design to applications for interposer and 3D IC technologies, and featured two pre-conference symposia on 2.5/3D-IC Design Tools and Flows, organized by Herb Reiter, eda ² asics; and 3D Integration: 3D Process Technology, organized by conference Co-chair Phil Garrou, Microelectronic Consultants of NC.

Attendees came away with a number of key messages that were emphasized by speakers throughout the conference. The most important message of all was that 3D ICs have arrived for high computing memory applications, with volume production beginning in 2015. However, to encourage more 3D designs, there needs to be increased collaboration and communication between the design community and the manufacturing community. Pathfinding and using proper EDA tools are essential steps in the design process to help designers determine the fine line between under-design, causing reliability problems, and over-design. While it may take time for the cost of 3D ICs to come down to be integrated into mainstream devices, there are other paths to success. Not all markets are consumer-driven. 3D integration opens doors for other technologies; it enables the Internet of Things, and inspires a paradigm change. The future of 3D is bright.

In addition to many component-level presentations, the conference also addressed system-level topics: The keynote delivered by Si2’s President and CEO, Steve Schulz, highlighted the importance of standards and why Internet of Things (IoT) devices require the ability to combine heterogeneous functions. View Steve Schulz’s entire keynote below. (Video courtesy of Si2, and Sean O’Kane and Big Kahuna Productions.)

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Proceedings are available for purchase and download. Go to the Proceedings Page.

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